Origin: Struma valley

Variety: Merlot

Harvest: 2014

Vinification It is dry red wine produced only from selected and well-ripe grapes Merlot grapes variety, growm up in certain controlled vineyards in the region of Melnik. The grapes are selected in the winery using double storing table. The wine is produced sticking to a specific traditional technology, considering the potential of the grapes and the qualities desired. The grapes were picked on 15, September. Maceracion took place fer 24 days. The wine fermented at temperature 25 – 28°C and aged in French barrels for 12 months and in bottle for 3 months before releasing on the market. The wine has ruby red colour and its aroma is a complex from the scents of red beriies, dried blue plums, chocolate, vanilla and spices. The wine has rich and tasty aroma, full and juicy body, ripe sweetness, many fruits and elegant oak. Its aftertaste is long, leaving the feeling of sweetness and chocolate. It is suitable to be served with game, cheese and red meat and on its own at temperature 17 – 18°C.

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