The competition for the prize "Golden rhyton" became an international

Конкурс Златен ритон
Venue: Plovdiv, Fairground, Vienna pavilion Dates: from February 7, 2011 to February 13, 2011
The competition for the prize "Golden rhyton", also known as Bulgarian wine "Oscars" became international. This was announced by Prof. Plamen Mollov, chairman of the National Vine and Wine Chamber (NVWC) at a press conference at the International Fair Plovdiv, said the fair. The Chamber organizes the annual tasting of wines and spirits, which are part of the International Exhibition of Vine and Wine "Winery".This year's race compete 435 samples of wines and spirits 86 10 27 brandy Bulgarian companies. Cellars provide the jury 108 white and 112 red wines from the last harvest, 42 131 white and red from older vintages, 4 species and 10 species of rose sparkling wine, liqueur 6 types and 3 types of vermouth.They will be judged by four committees, including a five oenologists selected for the first time with a special test. Are also invited four experts from abroad. Samples received scores over 80 points and claiming "Golden rhyton" will be subject to additional tastings and will actually appreciate them all oenologists to ensure the most objective in determining the winners added Mollov. Winners will be announced on the night of Rython on February 23, when it opens "Winery 2011". Co-organizers of the exhibition are the International Fair Plovdiv NVWC.We expect next year in the competition to include foreign companies, said Professor Mollov. To standardize the conditions of international events of this type were made a number of changes in the regulations. Head of the committee will now have senior tasters are the best in Bulgaria, said President NVWC. Committees increased from 2 to 4. It changes the way and drawing the jury, now it is the elite of Bulgarian tasters said Plamen Mollov. The composition of the committee will be determined by lot every day, and will remain constant only senior taster and foreign oenologist.Retained, however both types of wine tasting - wines from wineries and their products commercially. The first shows what level of technology, the quality of the last harvest, the second completed drinks offered to consumers, he said. Remains the entry of the results electronically, which does not allow estimates to be changed once entered, thus ensuring objectivity. The level of competition is very high and did not differ from others in which I participated, said Massimiliano Corinna, oenologist in Italy, having experience of 50 national and international competitions. In our results still write on paper, but here used computer way that is better, he added.National Tasting Award in the "Winery 2011" held in Vienna pavilion at the exhibition center in Plovdiv and will continue from 7 to 13 February.

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