Origin Thracian lowland

Variety Rubin

Harvest 2012

Vinification Rubin is a unique Bulgarian grapes variety, created in 1944 through cross-breeding of Nebiolo and Syrah, but its great potential was revealed in the beginning of the 20th century. This high quality regional red dry wine which expresses its own, unigue style was produced from selected and well ripe grapes, picked up by hand in cases and vinified using a technology, specially developed for this grapes variety. It aged 12 months in French oak barrels. The wine has beautiful, dark ruby colour. Its aroma is explosive and attractive, dominated by black berries, dry fig, blue plum, raisins and overripe mulberry, with nuances of chocolate and spices. These aromas dominate in the taste, too. The body of the wine is great, full, mild and velvet and its aftertaste is long, fruity and remembering. It is suitable to be served at temperature 16 - 18C.


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