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Logodaj Winery was established in 1994 and by the beginning of 2002

was specializes in producing of spirits. After 2002 it is specialized in production

only of wines.

The winery is located in Logodaj village, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria nearby

the eponymous lake. This is Thracian Valley region, in particular sub region

Struma Valley with a protected geographical indication (PGI) - the sunniest

and beneficial part of Bulgaria.

The winery has a capacity for production and storage of wine from more

than 3 million liters, which ranks it among the largest wineries in Bulgaria.

Production is sold both at domestic and foreign market - exported to Russia,

Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, UK and USA.

We specialize in the production of typical Bulgarian wine varieties Shiroka

Melnishka loza, Rubin, Rouen and Melnik 55. Melnik wines are very

popular both in Bulgaria and all over the world for years. Churchill himself

each year has ordered 500 liters of famous Melnik wine.

Today, the winery was renovated and combines tradition

and mode in Bulgarian winemaking. Our wines are

extremely extractive and multilayered, very sweet and

dense. As a proof of this are the numerous awards received

at Bulgarian and international competitions

every year. Our Hypnosis Merlot was recognized as the

best Merlot produced in Bulgaria for 2012.

Our team is young and ambitious, but the main creators of the wines are

the enologist Svetla Taneva and Peter Drosanski. From 2010 we attracted

as a consultant one of the world's iconic oenologists Ricardo Kotarela.

He is the best oenologist in Italy; under his guidance are all family Antinori

wineries. After inviting Kotarela as a consultant our wines acquired

even more modern style. We added finesse and elegance - for exceptional

balance and harmony. And the wines became delicious.

Contact Information

Logodaj Winery
Logodaj, Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria
E 22° 56.47194" N 41° 59.57532"
Telephone: +359 73 88 29 06
FAX: +359 73 83 29 49