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Cellar released elixir made from grapes of a single vineyard / 2011 of the winery /Plovdiv yesterday opened traditional exhibition "Winery 2011" which products represent the leading wine producers in the country. Guilt bouquet are among the most sought after in the market. The trend is to mix blends traditional varieties with new ones. This explained the head of the National Vine and Wine Chamber Plamen Mollov. In recent years, the country appeared many new vineyards planted to varieties that 5-6 years ago were not known to the Bulgarian market. These include for example, "Sira" and "Cabernet Franc." They give new taste of our wines, explained Mollov. Another trend is that manufacturers rely on short series of exclusive wines of exceptional quality. Offering exquisite elixirs usually policy of small wineries that have a chance to break with very high quality. To it, however, adhere to and major manufacturers because it is demanded and the foreign market, said Mollov. There is no way to potions are randomly produced grapes, which do not know the origin or the occasional manufacturers. Each winery is looking for long-term contacts with growers or rely on their own plantations pointed Mollov. For example, a world novelty in the "Winery" is a dry red wine "Hypnosis Merlot Reserve" to "Logodaj." It is made from the best grapes of a single vineyard in the selected region of Melnik, controlled extraction, maturity and fruit quality with full technical control of the cultivation explain producers. New to the Bulgarian market Wine Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of melon, grass and fresh lime. This is an elegant Sauvignon made with a style that suits you perfectly with seafood and pastries, say masters winery "Brestovitza" Cooperative "New Life."

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