wines of Southwest Bulgaria

Continuation of "Macedonian" wave with varietal wines from the valley of the Struma.
Undoubtedly review of wines from the region of Southwest Bulgaria should start with the logo of the variety-Melnik. We only had three Melnik - two of Logodaj and one Damianitza - very good wine with satonoshenie correct price / quality. Without shine with splendor and magnificence, they still sustainable show us several vintages that Melnik (mostly early leaved vine) is a nice, specific Bulgarian variety, and if handled properly can give interesting results. We assume that no more than what you have achieved in the two winemakers wineries and definitely do not have wines that you can wear "bound in cloth," as already mentioned in the previous tasting report. But if you're looking ones you've come to the right place, but the variety is painfully familiar Merlot ... and a Syrah. Without exaggeration, especially in Logodaj Hypnose Reserve is a wine with the extract and power, no wonder you can bring it into cloth. For us and Hypnose Merlot Single vineyard 2007 and 2007 said Reserve are among the top wines of Bulgaria. With them to excel and lush Syrah Incantessimo, again Logodaj which was labeled as "technology" and "non-originating", but even so, encourage her upstairs because after a year or two of wine will be a real beauty. Certainly talking about world-class wine and therefore wish success to winemakers from Logodaj who recently changed their winemakers to continue to delight us with such works. Can not say a few words about the ruby. Besides that, we consider it interesting local variety with great potential to glorify us outside the country (the name is an attractive and understandable in many languages, and that, believe it or not, is important in the world), he always repays very juicy fruitiness and good tannin. It is true that so far has shown remarkable potential to age, but fingers crossed and hope one day Bulgarian Rubin is recognizable brand and to drink a cup of the wine bars of New York to Tokyo. Last will remind those readers who do not monitor regularly that the ruby ​​is a local cross derived from varieties Syrah and Nebbiolo and winemakers from Damyanitsa and Logodaj successfully imposed it as a "second" variety after Melnik in the Southwest. Here we can say that we had a wine varietal Rouen, which in turn is another interesting cross between a broad leaved vine (Melnik) and Cabernet Sauvignon. New addition (for us, not in general) in the region of Southwest Bulgaria Medi cellar was raining, which provided three wines from the traditional cabernet and merlot. Expect interesting results there and next year, and then - cheers with wines from the valley of the Struma Melnik:
  • Nobile Melnik 2007 Logodaj
  • Uniqato Melnik 2007 Damyanitsa
  • Melnik 55 2006 Logodaj
  • Nobile Rubin 2007 Logodaj
  • Uniqato Rubin 2007 Damyanitsa
  • Nobile Ruen 2006 Logodaj
 Traditional varieties:
  • Hypnose Reserve Merlot Single vineyard 2007 Logodaj
  • Hypnose Merlot Single vineyard 2007 Logodaj
  • Incantessimo Syrah 2007 Logodaj
  • Medi Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007, Medi rain
  • Medi Valley Merlot 2007, Medi rain
  • Medi Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Medi rain
  • Logodaj Merlot 2008 Logodaj
-------------------------------------------------- ------In the tasting committee of varietal wines from the valley of the Struma were Efrosia Blagoeva Julia Popov, Jana Petkova, Emil Coral, Ivaylo Ignatov and clear Zachariev. Recall that our tasting is voluntary and free.

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