Wines from the valley of the Struma

Struma Valley is a place that gives rise to a large number of Bulgarians large, if not super-high expectations for everything that comes from there. Thence come the Macedonian national liberation romance, Macedonian sausage also Mediterranean climate, famous Thracian tombs and Murafeti, Melnik rocks Vanga, American University, etc. From there also comes the broad leaved vine, wine from which, as we have taught you in a handkerchief to tie it. If you dare try. Expectations for blended wines from this region are also great because, supposedly, winemakers express best talent and skills when combined in a wine varieties. This is true even in times of crisis, when it happens on economic expediency sometimes blended / mixed not by talent but by unsold and unsaleable volumes of wine that stray in tanks and naturally increases the cost of the required maintenance. Against the background of these traditionally patriotic one hand and on the other crisis, expectations, blended wines tasted performed well. I must admit that the fault No man's land and Strymon, both for its quality and the price fit perfectly in the taste of romantic Bulgarian patriots, provided of course that these do not solve a drunken head to tie in a handkerchief. Alas then for wine and cloth, not only because of these blends is absent from all the expected wide malnishka vine, but because generally wines are light, fresh and definitely tasty. These are wines that are easy to drink and be happy, but you can not expect them especially durable sensory experiences, let alone stand tied in cloth. Sharp contrast in this picture import Vitoriano ReDark 2007 and 2006.ReDark is a blend between cabernet sauvignon, Rouen and ruby. Rouen is a hybrid between a broad leaved vine and cabernet sauvignon and ruby ​​- between Syrah and Nebbiolo. Both Bulgarian "discoveries" which makes itself outstanding. The resulting blend of three varieties in this wine is also noticeable. The wine shows character and though also has a lightweight body remains pleasantly impressed for something spicy and seasoned. Almost like the history of our national liberation movement in Macedonia. Vitoriano 2007 is a blend between Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Masterful blend that impresses you with more color. Rich, pleasantly smoky nose and a body that is anything but not easy. Actually wine is richly - impressive volume and length in taste and finish that finally makes you ... slurp. So in this wine are found succulence splendor and intensity which contrast against the other wines of the region with their relatively light fixtures, and forged even dryly Macedonian quarrelsome character. Is it a French spy? Here's the wine tasting:
  • Vitoriano 2007 Logodaj
  • ReDark 2006 Damyanitsa
  • Logodaj Shiraz Cabernet 2008
  • Strymon Cuvee 2009 Levunovo
  • No Mans Land Gold 2006 Damyanitsa
  • Strymon Syrah & Cabernet & Merlot 2009 Levunovo
  • No Mans Land 2008 Damyanitsa
  • Strymon Merlot & Syrah 2009 Levunovo
--------------------------------------In the tasting committee were Efrosia Blagoeva Julia Popov, Jana Petkova, Ivaylo Ignatov, Clear Zachariev.

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