Press Releases

  • METRO wine catalogue 2013 - 2014

  • Life in Pink

  • BG Wine

    28.10.2013 Logodaj Winery was established in 1994 and by the beginning of 2002was specializes in producing of spirits. After 2002 it is specialized in productiononly of wines.The winery is located in Logodaj village, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria nearbythe eponymous lake....
  • Blend of fashion

    05.08.2013 Cellar released elixir made from grapes of a single vineyard / 2011 of the winery /Plovdiv yesterday opened traditional exhibition "Winery 2011" which products represent the leading wine producers in the country. Guilt bouquet are among the most sought...
  • wines of Southwest Bulgaria

    05.08.2013 Continuation of "Macedonian" wave with varietal wines from the valley of the Struma.Undoubtedly review of wines from the region of Southwest Bulgaria should start with the logo of the variety-Melnik. We only had three Melnik - two of Logodaj and one...
  • Wines from the valley of the Struma

    05.08.2013 Struma Valley is a place that gives rise to a large number of Bulgarians large, if not super-high expectations for everything that comes from there. Thence come the Macedonian national liberation romance, Macedonian sausage also Mediterranean climate,...
Nobile Chardonnay