LOGODAJ WINERY, established in 1994, with a lot of love and enthusiasm, is located in the very heart of the Struma river valley, in the village of Logodaj.
Our vineyards cover more than 700 acres in the beautiful village of General Todorov, near the towns of Melnik and Rupite.


Today, LOGODAJ WINERY AND VINEYARDS has modern Italian equipment with a production capacity of over 3 million liters of wine a year. At the moment, the oenologist of the winery is Svetlana Treneva, and the wine consultant is the oenologist Mourad Ouada, who is further developing our concept for the promotion of the local varieties of the Broad-leaved Melnik Vine and the Early Melnik Vine.


Mourad Ouada

Wine Consultant and Oenologist

Agronomist and oenologist by profession, driven by strong passion, born in Algeria but with a French soul. From his first attempts, Mourad had the desire to get to know and visit other wine regions around the world, such as Bulgaria.

"My belief has always been that wine is not created but transformed . This is where my goal comes from, that of humbly transforming what nature produces into an excellent result ."

Metodi Georgiev

Sales Director

Metodi Georgiev is the sales director of LOGODAJ WINERY AND VINEYARDS and for many years he has been making sure that the wine is present everywhere in Bulgaria so that each one of you can feel the aroma, the taste of the Struma Valley.

"Wine is a living product - just like people, it grows, develops, gives birth, then lies down and dies. And just as people choose their home to live in, we believe that wine also chooses the bottle in which to store it, that's why our wines are in so many different bottles. And the better we hit their home, the better they develop.